Physical Bullying

What is physical bullying? – This is any type of bullying that hurts someone’s body or damages their possessions. Stealing, shoving, hitting, fighting, and destroying property are some types of physical bullying, Usually bullying will begin in a different form and then eventually build up to this.


Some signs that someone might be getting bullied in school:-
Coming home from school with bruises, cuts, or other unexplained injuries
Having damaged clothing, books, or possessions
Often “losing” things that they take to school
Complaining of frequently not feeling well before school or school activities
Skipping certain classes
Wanting to avoid going to school or going to school a certain way, such as taking strange routes home from school or not wanting to ride the bus
Acting sad or depressed
Withdrawing from others
Saying they feel picked on
Displaying low self esteem
Mood swings, including anger or sadness
Wanting to run away
Trying to take a weapon to school
Talking about suicide or violence against others


So how can i help? 

If the student is a victim of bullying, Show them love and support and try to explain how bullying is not in anyway their fault and that what the bully is doing is wrong. Try talking to the victim to find out what is actually happening, Where it is happening, When it is happening and if possible who is doing it. But DO NOT try and force the victim to tell you, All you can do is encourage. If the victim tells you what is happening, And it turns out it is in school then talk to the teachers and the school head teacher about the problem as bullying is a serious issue. Do Not Encourage The Victim To Fight Back! Often the best way to deal with bullies is to avoid them or react as little as possible. However sadly with Physical Bullying this is not always possible. Staying with a friend or group of friends or even better where adults are supervising will sometimes help more. If the victim is struggling with any feelings of Depression or Anger then seek counselling to help.

If a student is bullying someone then tell then that that sort of behaviour is no acceptable as everyone should be taught to respect others and that bullying is not acceptable.

Parents and Guardians should talk to the child often about what goes on at school, Finding you about their friends and ensuring that the child knows what bullying is and find out if they have witnessed it, Parents should be encouraging their child not to support bullying and that includes watching it, They should be encourage to report it. Depending on the situation the child may be able to stand up to the bully and show support for the victim, At the very least the child will be able to walk away and report the incident to an adult.

Both parents of victims and bullies can encourage schools to have stronger Anti-Bullying measure such as Anti-Bullying Campaigns, Careful Adult Supervision, Zero-Tolerance Policies, As well as counselling for students who have been involved in bullying.


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