What Bullying Means To Me

To me bullying is one of the lowest things anyone can do, it can destroy lives and shatter confidence.

To me being a bully is finding something out about someone and using it against them, or treating someone badly because of their skin colour, gender, sexual orientation or age. Or because of their race or religion. Basically, bullying can happen to anyone, wither you are 6 or 60. Every Person can be bullied.

Everyone at some point in their life will experience or become aware of bullying. Perhaps it is a friend being bullied or a sibling being a bully.

The Annual Bullying Survey 2016 found that 1.5 million young people were bullied that year in the UK. This is a massive 50% of young people in the UK. 19% or 145,800 of these young people were bullied EVERY DAY. 44% of young people who have been bullied experience depression. 41% of young people who have been bullied experience social anxiety. 33% of those being bullied have suicidal thoughts.

The above facts may not seem too bad but think about it the big picture. In Scotland, there are approximately 913,410 children under the age of 16. If 1.5 million young lives in the UK are being affected by bullying throughout the UK, this is almost 40% more than the number of under 16s in Scotland. It’s an enormous number.

33% of those who have been bullied consider suicide – 495,000 young adults considering ending their young life because of bullying. [statistics provided by www.ditchthelabel.org].

For me, bullying is like an infection. You can get help for it, and throughout time the pain will decrease, but it will take a long time and it will always be your mind. It marks you for life.

No one deserves to go through bullying alone. There is so much support out there for everyone. Bullying can be stopped, but it requires support and a teamwork approach.

I believe that everyone has their own story, and this is why I created this website. I want people to be who there are and to have a place to share their story.

Everyone deserves a decent chance at life.

Please leave a comment below, maybe even share some of your stories and views?

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